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Carolina E. Gonzalez

Years of painting and drawing experience finally came to fruition when Carolina E. Gonzalez decided to start a business as a muralist.  She comes from a talented family of writers, poets, illustrators, painters and photographers.  She grew up in a diplomatic environment traveling all over the world and always admiring art and architecture, wherever she lived.  She graduated with honors in Houston, TX with a Degree in Commercial Art.

She freelanced and worked as a Graphic Designer for some years but after becoming a mother and painting murals for her friend's children, she decided to start a business on her own. Inspired by her own talented mother,  with her husband's help and support and realizing there was a demand for her services as a muralist, Carolina's Art was established in 1999. The company has been successfully growing ever since.  

​ The quality of her work, together with the reasonable pricing and speed in which projects are completed have earned her an outstanding reputation among all her clients who constantly send her referrals.  Some of her clients include David Weekley Homes, MD Anderson Cancer Research Center, Humble ISD, The Phoenicia Deli, YMCA Katy, Kid's R Kids, Pediatric Dental Safari, and more.


The company's portfolio now holds hundreds of projects, consisting of murals, painted furniture and decorative paintings.  They take projects all over Houston and eagerly welcome new ideas and challengers.

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